The Culinary Skills Training Program offers young adults recovering

from mental illness or with other barriers to employment with training, coaching, and work experience so that they can enter the labor force or continue further culinary schooling.



The Culinary Program will be running Culinary Camps over the fall. We will have 3 day sessions available for participants. This will be an opportunity for youth to gain some basic kitchen skills and see if they enjoy working in a kitchen. 


Please submit a Culinary Camp Application to

Or drop one off in person to Social Crust Café , open 8:30am-2:30pm. Spaces are limited . Applicants will be contacted 1 week prior to their desired camp date for a meet and greet with our Chefs.

Sessions run Tuesday – Thursday 11:30 am-3:30 pm . Our sessions are three days only. Participants may only attend one session.

Upcoming 2022 - Dates

Oct 4 - 6

Oct 18 - 20

Culinary 101

What you will learn :

  • Knife Skills & basic cuts

  • The  Essential Language of a Thinking Chef

  • Mise en place and multitasking

  • Soups and stocks

  • Basics of baking/ how to read a recipe and measure correctly

  • How to work in a kitchen team


Admission requirements:

  • Passion and interest for food

  • Barrier to employment

  • Age 18-30

  • Ability to commit to a 3 day class.


Included: A recipe package, notebook, pens, and eating all the food we make.

Learn more at Coast Mental Health | Employment & Education - Coast Mental Health


Below are some small testimonials for some of the participants, and as well as a letter provided by on of the parents of a graduating participant.

"The program helped me to gain more confidence in myself and helped me open doors to jobs in the culinary field or any other career I choose."

"I have a positive outlook on life and even though the program was tough it was worth the effort and taught me a lot. I am better off doing it."

"This program, that I got the opportunity to be a part of, has been AMAZING. I found the wealth of knowledge fruitful and bountiful. The experience was very accepting and patient."

"The Culinary Skills Training Program opened up so many doors for me. They helped me to learn skills I could use in the restaurant industry, and they supported me with my transition into the workplace and back to college for further training in the field."

A Recipe For Recovery... Read Charlie’s story here to find out how

the program is changing youths’ lives.

For more information, contact Culinary Program Manager, Margaret Flynn 

by email at or call 604.838.3533

Learn more about Coast Mental Health's Employment and Education Programs here

Fill out an application here

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